Our Club opened its doors in 1958 as the Oak Ridge Boys Club. In 2008, we officially changed our name to Boys & Girls Club of Oak Ridge. We are a current member of the United Way of Anderson County and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The Club owns and operates its headquarters at 102 South Jefferson Circle, Oak Ridge, TN 37830.

The club serves an active membership of over 750 youth 6-17 years of age through extended services and programs. Low membership dues enable all youth to obtain a membership with an equal opportunity. The club building is open 5 days per week on a year-round schedule. The club gives youth the opportunity to make new friends, and through its diversified social, athletic, craft, and educational programs gives the chance to learn skills for work and play. Most often, the most important service provided is the enhancement of self-esteem via role models and positive encouragement.

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Youth of the Year - Clinch Valley
Jordan Hannah
Oak Ridge Unit

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